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These beads come in raw thread that is not meant to be used for making necklaces. These do not come ready to wear and do not come with hooks. Most customers like to make their own jewelry from wire, thread, elastic, leather, and different materials; so they restring into necklaces and bracelets with whatever they choose. Different customers like to use different hooks. We also sell hooks and claps at the following link

Colors of beads in the pictures are for informational purposes only. Color on the screen is affected by different monitors, settings, and web browsers. Color variations are normal because our beads come from stones, and in nature, stones have variation in shades.

These sizes are approximate and not exact. Items are not necessarily same size as the pictures. We may make the picture larger so that picture is more clear.

All beads are sold per strand

All strands are 14 inches unless otherwise stated.

Size of beads
2mm=size of aavalu (mustard seed)
3mm=size of sabudana (tapioca)
4mm=size of whole black peppar
5mm=size of kala chana (chickpeas)
6mm=size of frozen peas
10mm=size of blueberry

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